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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

In this episode we continue our retrospective series on the impact of the G8, G20 and other summits of world leaders.

In this episode of Making the Links Radio, we bring you excerpts from the GASCD. The GASCD was out together by activists, singers and other performers to show the other side of world leaders' gatherings. The project highlights the intense repression faced by civil society protesters who are challenging a corporate agenda and trying to centre the importance of poverty, world hunger, climate change, fair trade, and the elimination of the debt burden on the agenda rather than simply increased corporate power and profit.

Canada will be investing one billion dollars in the G8 and G20 summits for security against citizens. It already has a track record of shutting down  the voice of people. In a Quebec City summit of Western Hemispheric leaders around free trade in the Americas in 2001 over 5,148 rounds of tear gas and 903 rubber bullets were fired by more than 6,000 police. 463 activists were arrested. The government constructed 4 kilometers of fence, and spent 100 million dollars - the largest peace time security operation in Canadian history. Now at one billion dollars 2010, the G8 and G20 meetings will dwarf the cost of earlier peace time security operations.
What have they got to fear – citizens are telling world leaders that there is an alternative global agenda for a much fairer and just world that protects all people and the environment. That civil society world voice will be heard again in Toronto and Muskoka despite all attempts to squelch it.
And we should celebrate that beyond the intense repression of people gathering to protest injustice civil society is strong and resilent and is building a better world for all as you will hear in the following music, song and prose.

In this program, you will hear Bruce Cockburn, Jello Biafra, the Rheostatics, Propaghandi, Olu Dara, Madue Barlow, and Michael Franti.

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