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Friday, 13 June 2008

Tar Sands Report - Environmental Defense

"Because of their sheer scale, all Canadians are affected by the Tar Sands, no matter where they live.

If you live downstream, your water is being polluted and your fish and wildlife may be dangerous to eat. If you live in Saskatchewan you are a victim of acid rain. If you live in BC, "supertankers" may soon be plying your shoreline carrying Tar Sands oil to Asia. If you live in Ontario, you are exposed to harmful emissions from the refining of Tar Sands Oil. And the impacts do not stop at Canada's border – US refineries are re-tooling to handle the dirty oil from Alberta.

With the Tar Sands, Canada has become the world's dirty energy superpower.

Environmental Defence's report highlights the environmental and human health effects of the Tar Sands. And, outlines what the federal government should do to clean it up."

 -Environmental Defense

In this program Making the Links Radio's Don Kossick discusses the environmental impact of the tar sands with Matt Price and Peter Dillon. Peter Dillon is a scientist looking at the impact of the acid rain from the tar sands.  Matt Price works with Environmental Defence and was co-author of the report Canada's Toxic Tar Sands: The Most Destructive Project on Earth.

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