How Do I Start Using RSS Feeds?

To use RSS, you need to have news reader and then to subscribe to relevant RSS feeds. Fortunately both new readers and subscriptions are usually free.

A news reader is a piece of software the checks RSS feeds and links you to any new publications on the feed. There are many different versions: some are accessed using a browser, and some are downloadable applications. A news reader is built into the popular internet browser Mozilla Firefox, and the next generation of Microsoft Internet Explorer is rumoured to also include the technology.

With your news reader, you then have to decide what content you want to receive, and subscribe to the relevant RSS feeds. For example, if you would like to be updated on the latest Making the Links updates and programs, simply go to our home page and click on an orange RSS button in the lower right, below the title Making the Links Syndicated.

When you click on the button you can subscribe to our feed in a couple ways. You can drag the URL or web address of the RSS feed into your news reader. Or you can cut and past the URL into a new live feed in your news reader.