Moving Medicare Forward
Sunday, 10 April 2011

Moving Medicare Forward presents the argument for an expanded, truly equitable public health system in Canada. Featuring Saskatchewan's own Roy Romanow, Rosalee Longmoore and Steven Lewis, along with public health advocates Michael Rachlis and Danielle Martin, this video offers us a positive vision for the future of medicare and the health of all Canadians.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 10 April 2011 )
River of Unity: CUPE and the M?tis Nation United
Monday, 21 March 2011

River of Unity is a half-hour film documenting CUPE’s annual canoe trip to the Back to Batoche celebrations put on by Métis Nation—Saskatchewan, where in 2010 the two organizations signed a historic agreement signalling a new era of cooperation between them.

Produced by Don Kossick and Steve Wolfson of Making the Link Productions and Wolf Sun Productions, the film follows CUPE canoeists on a three-day journey up the South Saskatchewan River. During the trip they were greeted by several Métis Nation leaders and elders, who offered cultural lessons, dances and other performances.

The film also features interviews with Métis and CUPE leaders, who talk about the importance of building a link between the union and Métis people. The canoe trip is an important symbol of that connection.

Paul Moist, CUPE national president, speaks to the importance of these connections. “Understanding our past and the proud history of the Métis Nation in Saskatchewan is important, and it’s necessary to move forward—to build a better future,” says Moist. “We can take what Saskatchewan’s doing here and add value to the rest of our union.”

Robert Doucette, president of Métis Nation—Saskatchewan, offers his take on the importance of the canoe trip as well: “Once in a lifetime you get to experience something, something that will leave lasting change and you know I’ve really come to see this canoe trip as doing that for a lot of people.”

  • Watch the preview of the film available here.

  • Or the full length film below.


Last Updated ( Sunday, 10 April 2011 )
Migrant Worker Migrant Nation
Tuesday, 14 December 2010

This Migrant Worker Migrant Nation is a  special program of Making the Links Radioa honouring the UN International  Migrants Day, December 18th.

We are interviewing Karl Flecker, Human Rights Coordinator of the Canadian Labour Congress, who discusses the situation of Migrant Workers in Canada. based in Brussels is carrying this program as well as other radio broadcasts on the situaton for migrant communities throughout the world.

 Listen Now!

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