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Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Oaxaca Nov 29th More Images

We are developing a Radio Solidarity Oaxaca network across Canada  to maintain, strengthen and expand a peoples radio capability in Oaxaca. We are  pulling together  resources to provide an alternative broadcasting source to the blocked site. Immediate pledges of support would be really appreciated.

The strategic and violent repression of the people of Oaxaca by the Mexican government and its militias is worsening. There have been over 60 disappeared, 140 injured (many of those by bullets), 3 killed, and 190 detained in the last 2 days.  Some of the detained are spread throughout 3 jails, and some groups have been flown out of the city; torture of those disappeared/detained is widespread. Oaxaca is a police state now.

These communities under extreme duress have requested support in the form of radio equipment for the people in Oaxaca.  The University Radio - Radio APPO was the single communication force for the people's organizing in the city, and it was defended by many lives. That radio has been blocked and other means are now being utilized to maintain a radio presence.

 oaxaca 291106

 oaxaca 291106


oaxaca 291106


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