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Monday, 02 October 2006
When Prime Minister Harper talks about an international position where we do not "cut and run" we do not have to look any further then the HIV/AIDs crise to realise how hollow those words are. 40 million people in the world have contacted AIDS, five to six million will die (mainly women and children) if they do not get anitretroviral treatment. What did he on behalf of Canada? He refused to attend the most critical international conference in waging the war on AIDs held in Toronto this last August. Not a single generic pill has left Canada to fight the AIDS crisis - even though parliament approved the drug dispersement two years ago. He has yet to make a response to the International community on the AIDs crisis since the International Conference.

There is alot of posturing and jingoism going on - but lets put Canada be where it should be - fighting the AIDS pandemic, stopping the slaughter in Darfur, reconstructing Lebanon - and not wagging the tail of US foreign policy at the cost of Canadian lives.

Don Kossick
Sasaktoon, Saskatchewan
Last Updated ( Thursday, 04 January 2007 )
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