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Monday, 12 July 2010

Police Forces at G20 in TorontoIn this episode, we bring you a special Making the Links program on the G-20 in Toronto. You will be hearing the voices of Saskatchewan activists who were in Toronto, including Teacher Adminstrator, Rick Sawa, Law Professor, Tim Quigley, and President of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour, Larry Hubich. They will be speaking from the frontline of where citizens were demonstrating for a fairer and more just world.

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As the dust has settled it has become clear that downtown Toronto was turned into a militarized fortress. The police force of thousands attacked and arrested over 900 people who were peacefully protesting. There is every reason to believe the confrontation with the Black Bloc was a designed provocation to justify the repression of peaceful protestors, and focus media attention on acts of vandalism instead of the real issues raised by the 25,000 people that marched peacefully in the streets of Toronto.

The G-20 meeting itself worked against the best interests of citizens throughout the world. World leaders made an agreement to cutback public services and infra structures that are so important to needs of people. Under advisement of the B-20 – the corporate leadership of the world – who attended the closed sessions of the G-20, politicians adopted a austerity plan that will bring no help to the women and children who will die preventable deaths because the leadership of the most developed nations only promised a fraction of what is needed for healthy communities. The structural adjustment pledged to by the G-20 leaders – and led by Stephen Harper – will mean more fire-sale sell offs of public services and cutbacks to social services.

Canadians should hold Prime Minister personally accountable for the unjustified force used against Canadians peacefully demonstrating – as well as the enormous 1.2 billion expenditure of the G-8 and G-20 – and the adoption of economic policy that only serves the global corporate agenda.

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