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Friday, 11 June 2010

ThisSeattle WTO  Protest is a very special show being produced as Canada hosts the G8 and G20. We are reaching far back into our Making the Links archives to present you with our on the ground program recorded at the Battle of Seattle in 1999.

At that time thousands of civil society folk from around the world gathered to protest the way the world was being put into a corporate agenda for maximum profit though the WTO – the world trade organization. It was the first great global coming together of world citizenry speaking truth to authority.

This retrospective on Seattle shows the power of communities coming together. We will see that again at the G8 and G20 in Canada - citizens from around the world gathering to demand world leaders to do something right about climate change, womens reproductive rights, fair trade not free trade, clean water, food security, and the spread of Malaria and HIV/AIDS and the needs of those already living with the disease -- all the things so important to the functioning of healthy civil societies. Activists are demanding leaders work to stem global conflict and end exploitation, standing up for a just world peace.

In this retrospective on Seattle 1999 you will hear voices of common citizens and the voices of Michael Moore, Michael Franti, Stephan Smith, the radical cheerleaders and others. All the voices that a billion dollars of security, hearing destruction, tear gas, batons and police intimidation can not shut down. Thank you for listening.

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