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Friday, 26 March 2010
I am sure that many Saskatchewan people and people across Canada are as shocked as I am of the refusal of Chuck Strahl and the federal government to refund the First Nations University of Canada.
Everything has been done to make  the refunding work. The  FSIN, The University of Regina, the faculty and students of FNUC are prepared, capable and committed to a new operating model for FNUC.
One gets the impression that Chuck Strahl and Rob Norris, our Education Minister have other motives for not responding to the sincere attempts to keep FNUC a viable institution.
We must tell them that the FNUC plays a vital and important role in how Saskatchewan will be shaped. If we are going to have a Saskatchewan that respects diverse cultures, learns from the history of how Saskatchewan was settled, creates bridges between communities and educates young people to make a lasting contribution within Saskatchewan we need an eductional institution like FNUC.
I  hope that they will hear this message from many people and do the right thing and restore full funding.
Don Kossick
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