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Monday, 15 February 2010

Dear Friends,

We (Making the Links and Wolf Sun Productions) have produced a special 10 minute version of  VOICES OF UNION - VOICES OF YOUNG WORKERS:

It is a compelling short documentary about the importance of unions to young workers. This video documentary shows not only why young workers want to be unionized, but also the challenges of involving young workers in the labour movement -  how they could be the new leadership incorporating their hopes and concerns.

This video has been entered into the LabourStart International Video of the Year Competition.

We hope you like it. It was exciting to produce, and really showed the depth and capacity of young people to be future labour movement leaders.

We would like to thank everyone who supported the production of Voices of Union - Voices of Young Workers, and in particular the young workers whose voices made the production.

We will be back to you in the near future because the competition has a two week window when people are asked to vote on which video entered into the competition they like the best.

In solidarity,

Don Kossick, Steve Wolfson and Penny Ward

Making the Links and Wolf Sun Productions

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