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Wednesday, 02 December 2009

The world of climate action is heating up next week as the 15 Conference of the Parties descends on Copenhagen. This is a critical meeting to (hopefully) sign the post-Kyoto climate treaty.

35 Canadian young people are attending these negotiations to hold our government accountable and to ensure that Canadians have up to date information about how the time to listennegotiations are progressing, and what Canada's stance is.

As young people we have a enourmous stake in what happens at Copenhagen. The effects of climate change will be felt in our life times, and it the decisions that are made at this conference that will how severe those effects will be. As Canadians we need to stand together to send a strong message to our government that we want them to commit to world class reduction targets, and to be a leader at Copenhagen.

There are many ways you can get involved. Join our campaign, read our updates, and forward this email to your networks.

Together we can make a difference

-The Canadian Youth Delegation

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