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Tuesday, 01 December 2009

Dear Friends,

In just 5 days, the world's leaders will meet to to negotiate the global response to climate change.  Your help has never been more important. Governments have been warned about the potentially catastrophic consequences if climate change is ignored. But Canada's government is still not listening.  Instead, it is trying to block international action and delay implementing effective policy solutions at home.

JOIN the thousands of concerned Canadians already united under the KYOTO-plus banner to end the federal political games which threaten the future of Canadians and the planet by signing the Kyotoplus  petition, which will be delivered to Canada's negotiators in Copenhagen, at .

Our MPs need to hear from us that we we expect Canada to stop blocking progress and commit to ambitious binding targets at the upcoming negotiations.  Please contact your member of Parliament by phone, email or mail or in person.

This email is prompted, in part, by a recent article by George Monbiot, "Canada's Image Lies in Tatters", on Canada's role in the upcoming climate change talks in Copenhagen.  Monbiot argues that Canada's increased GHG emissions and failure to meet its international obligations have the potential to severely undermine the talks in Copenhagen.  The article has a chronology of Canada's participation in the talks and the effect of Canada's actions on other nations. For the full article, please see:

Excerpt from "Canada's Image Lies in Tatters".  Guardian UK. November 30, 2009

...the future cut Canada has volunteered is smaller than that of any other rich nation. Never mind special measures; it won't accept even an equal share. The Canadian government is testing the international process to destruction and finding that it breaks all too easily. By demonstrating that climate sanctions aren't worth the paper they're written on, it threatens to render any treaty struck at Copenhagen void.

...Canada then set out to prevent the other nations striking a successor agreement. At the end of 2007, it singlehandedly blocked a Commonwealth resolution to support binding targets for industrialised nations. After the climate talks in Poland in December 2008, it won the Fossil of the Year award, presented by environmental groups to the country that had done most to disrupt the talks. The climate change performance index, which assesses the efforts of the world's 60 richest nations, was published in the same month. Saudi Arabia came 60th. Canada came 59th.

In June this year the media obtained Canadian briefing documents which showed the government was scheming to divide the Europeans. During the meeting in Bangkok in October, almost the entire developing world bloc walked out when the Canadian delegate was speaking, as they were so revolted by his bullying. Last week the Commonwealth heads of government battled for hours (and eventually won) against Canada's obstructions. A concerted campaign has now begun to expel Canada from the Commonwealth.
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