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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

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We, as citizens of the world, are seriously concerned about peace and justice among the Palestinians and Israelis, and appeal for immediate actions to ensure a comprehensive ceasefire in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and for an end to the growing immediate and long-term humanitarian crisis. Furthermore, we urge the assignment of Mr Martti Ahtisaari, the Nobel Peace Prize winner of 2008, to negotiate a lasting peace in the region. We also appeal to the Israeli and Palestinian leadership to value the human life of Palestinians and Israelis equally and to agree to an immediate ceasefire.

The conflict can and must be resolved. The human rights abuses and killing of civilians can and must come to an end. Muslims, Christians and Jews of the region can and must find a way to exist in peace, with equal rights and obligations. This was a reality in the past and can be achieved in the present.

Real progress towards a lasting peace can be made only through a genuine and balanced engagement by the international community. Both Palestinians and Israelis have the right to live in peace regardless of their religion and ethnicity. The world community has to be consistent in condemning the ongoing killing of civilians and abuse of human rights, no matter which party is responsible for them.

We appeal to the international community to give Mr Martti Ahtisaari the mandate to be the international peace negotiator in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The former President of neutral Finland, Mr Ahtisaari has an impressive career resolving international conflicts in several regions, including Aceh and Kosovo.

As the Norwegian Nobel Committee announced: "...Ahtisaari is an outstanding international mediator. Through his untiring efforts and good results, he has shown what role mediation of various kinds can play in the resolution of international conflicts." We respectfully appeal to Mr Ahtisaari to accept this new role as a negotiator if it is offered for him.

The petition will be delivered to UN General Assembly, the UN Security Council, the European Union, the Arab League and the US President on 20th January 2009, the day of Barack Obama's inauguration.

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