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Friday, 07 November 2008

book imageIn this program, Don Kossick interviews Devlin Kuyek, author of the book Good Crop / Bad Crop.

While in recent years there has been significant growth in Canadians' concerns over the origins and environmental impact of the foods they eat, knowledge of the impact of corporate control over food production is less well known. Companies such as Monsanto and Dupont have purchased control over the seed industry and are taking control over what used to be famers' exclusive domain.  

In his book, Kuyek examines the economic and environmental context of the modern seed trade in Canada. While historically seeds were public goods, seeds have been increasingly commodofied, and plant breeding is now subject to corporate priorities. Kuyek argues that farmers and citizens in Canada need to learn from the developing world, where farmers hurt by Green Revolution technologies are fighting to reclaim control over seeds, food security, and their future.

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