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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Seed is of the utmost importance to farmers.

This is a special broadcast on how the Canadian Food Inspection Agency regulations will be changed to accommodate the interests of private concerns and the transnational corporations who are pursuing genetically engineered seed production.

In this special Making the Links program we talk to Terry Boehm, farm activist  and National Farmers  Union leader, about what these changes in  seed variety registration will mean for farm communities and the organic farm movement in Canada.

The Saskatchewan  Organic Directorate states, "The availability of high quality seed free from contamination by GMO varieties and seed that is certified organic or eligible for use in certified organic seed propagation is  fundamental requirement for organic grain faming in Canada. The proposed Seed Variety regulation threatens quality, access, public accountability, and the buyers right to unbiased information about seed."

This is an urgent issue. The changes in the Seed Variety Registration are in the process of being enacted.

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You can learn more from the Saskatchewan Organic Directorate at and the National Farmers Union at
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