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Thursday, 23 August 2007

This is an interesting and important story developing around what looks like the use of undercover police to disrupt and discredit the anti-SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America) protests in Montebello, Quebec.  A video posted here on youtube.com includes footage of three masked men with rocks in their hands approaching a police line, apparently with the intention of throwing the rocks/bricks at the police.  Paul Manly, head of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers union confronts the three men and accuses them of being police (agents provocateurs) and asks them to leave.  Eventually after a confrontation, the three men are grabbed by riot police and the men are apparently arrested.  

The masked men never contacted the activists' legal team to access support for their arrests and the police have no record of the three men ever being taken into custody.  There are
other pieces of evidence to support the allegations that these three men were police included below.

For me the Montebello story is not a surprise.  I have seen police use these and all sorts of illegal and dirty tactics to break up protests.  I am glad that this was caught on tape as it is a clear example that the police are not in the business of keeping the peace but instead of serving the interests of those in power to repress dissent.  I have seen time and time again that they are not interested in just nabbing the "bad apples" within these protests (which would not be particularly difficult) but instead of instigating violent incidents or using violent incidents to repress and discredit movements with legitimate analyses and critiques of the state of the world.

I hope that this gets some serious press coverage as the Canadian public needs to see what our government and their lackeys in the police apparatuses are up to.  If these incidents are ignored and just talked about within activist circles, no pressure will ever be put on the police to obey the law and they will only expand the use of these tactics.

In solidarity,

Peter Garden
Turning the Tide Bookstore
Peter has been a long-time member of the Making the Links Radio collective



A reporter with the Canadian Press has already picked up on this story, and filed an early wire story here.

Another person also present during the "arrest" of the three, and took a series of potentially very important photos of the episode.  They have Been posted to the CUPE website. The photos document common markers on the soles of the boots of the three inidividuals and on those of the SQ riot police.

This story has been expanded upon in the Toronto Star.

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