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Thursday, 04 December 2008

Opposition parties are just days away from uniting in a successful coalition government that would finally replace Stephen Harper and represent the majority of Canadians!

Harper is desperately launching an all out media and PR blitz to attack the new coalition and hang on to power. We urgently need to respond, to show the media and the Governor General that almost two thirds of Canadians oppose Harper and support a coalition government. Forward this email to others, and take action now:

Acting if he had a majority government, Stephen Harper has tried to exploit the economic crisis to push through a series of aggressively partisan and ideological proposals while doing nothing to actually stimulate the economy.

Shocked into action, the opposition parties have finally decided to fight back together -- using their majority of seats in the House of Commons to form a new government. Canada could finally see a Liberal-NDP (and Green supported) coalition that would reverse years of awful economic and environmental policies.

Harper calls this move 'undemocratic' and is using his huge cash reserves and high level media friends to manufacture a 'backlash' and launch an all out PR campaign to publicly discredit the coalition. His only hope is to persuade the Governor General to refuse a coalition government, or grant a request to close Parliament until next year.

We urgently need to show the media and and the Governor General where Canadians stand. Through a flood of petition signatures, phone calls to radio shows, letters to the editor, messages to the Governor General, and more, we can demonstrate that the 62% of us who didn't vote for Harper are firmly behind a coalition to replace him. Click below to sign the petition and much more:

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Artist Unite to Defeat Harper and Climate Change PDF Print E-mail
Politics and Democracy
Monday, 06 October 2008
OTTAWA – Canadian artists have joined together to record a song, titled "You Have a Choice," to mobilize Canadian voters to let their voices be heard in support of strong, concrete action on climate change. The song is sponsored by Avaaz, a new web movement with over 300,000 supporters across Canada. Click here to download the song.

"Elizabeth May said it best in the debates, the Harper climate change plan is a fraud," said Avaaz Executive Director Ricken Patel.

"I have also seen first hand how the Conservative government is actively wrecking international progress on climate change."

While the majority of Canadians want action on climate change and believe that Harper is offside with their views, voters often feel that one vote can't make a difference. This is why prominent Canadian artists have come together in support of strategic voting to defeat Harper.

"These bright lights of the Canadian music scene are sending a message to voters: you can make a difference, and we need to come together and strategically support candidates who will defeat Stephen Harper and fight climate change," said Patel.

Last Updated ( Monday, 06 October 2008 )
Will Canada Last? PDF Print E-mail
Politics and Democracy
Thursday, 28 August 2008

What will it take persuade Canadians that if they do not act soon to reverse the course of their nation, there will be nothing left to save? I am talking, of course, about so-called "deep integration" and its official expression, the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).

The SPP, moving inexorably on many fronts, is nothing less than a blueprint for the gradual dismantling of one of the most successful nations of the twentieth century, and its piecemeal distribution to the decaying empire to the south. Yet there seems to be, even amongst those who have heard of it and believe it is a threat, a surreal acceptance of it. It's like a meteor hurtling towards us: there's nothing we can do so we might as well go shopping while we can.

What this country needs is a little outrage -- stirred by something from the package of outrages, treasonous policies and breathtaking giveaways of our country that make up the plan to append Canada to the U.S. What will it be? The militarization of the country and an industrial policy of selling arms to the world? A foreign policy determined almost exclusively by the interests of big business, from peddling asbestos, to opposing bio-diversity, to forcing Europeans to accept GMO food? The mimicking of a paranoid United States and the adoption of its crusade against the Muslim world?

Each worthy of a good dollop of outrage. But some believe that unless you get to people where it actually has an impact on their daily lives, sustained outrage of the kind that influences elections, is too much to expect. I have never been convinced by this theory but accepting it for the sake of argument, perhaps the sell-out of our energy to the U.S. under NAFTA's energy provisions would fill the bill.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 28 August 2008 )
Sask. people should know truth behind nuclear industry PDF Print E-mail
Politics and Democracy
Sunday, 29 June 2008

As Saskatchewan gets shoved into a nuclear future, it would be good to at least get some clarification of who is who and what is what.

Bruce Power, which announced it will lead the charge for a nuclear reactor, is 31.6 per cent owned by Cameco which, as the world's largest uranium producer, exerts an enormous influence not only in Saskatchewan, but around the world.

Cameco was just recently cited in the New York Times as telling nuclear regulators that its refinery in Ontario may have leaked uranium, arsenic and fluorides into Lake Ontario.

Duncan Hawthorne, head of Bruce Power, says, "We are a company that truly believes in open and honest communication. It's a core value and we don't pay lip service to it, we live it." I think the unsuspecting residents of Saskatchewan need to see this in reality.

For example, tell us about tritium, which is produced in large quantities in CANDU reactors due to the irradiation of the (non-radioactive) heavy water inventory.

Because tritium is a hazard to workers and the environment, Ontario Hydro built a tritium reclamation facility at Darlington to remove the tritium from the heavy water moderator of various CANDU reactors.

SRB Technologies in Pembroke, Ont., started a business using the tritium from the Darlington facility to manufacture "glow-in-the-dark" exit signs and other products. It has been cited as a classic example of marketing radioactive wastes.

The SRB plant has been contaminating the air, ground water and locally grown vegetables with its tritium releases. In some years this has exceeded the combined tritium releases of all CANDU reactors in Canada.

There are now public hearings about this environmental disaster in Ontario.

The sad thing is that we will not hear about these real facts if the uranium companies and government have their way. The people of Saskatchewan should at least know what their future will be.

 -Don Kossick
(originally published in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix, June 28)

Solidarity with Zimbabwe PDF Print E-mail
Politics and Democracy
Thursday, 24 April 2008

Even as the Zimbabwe crisis worsens, an extraordinary solidarity movement has taken hold across Southern Africa--sparked by a South African dock workers' union that refused to unload a Chinese shipment of Zimbabwe-bound weapons.

Their refusal to facilitate Zimbabwe's crackdown has ignited a wildfire that is spreading across the continent. Now, as pressure builds, China is publicly wavering--and might decide to bring the arms home. Click below to sign a petition to keep arms away from Zimbabwe. The petition will publicly unveiled before the end of this week, and used to lobby key leaders until the crisis ends. Join the call now:

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